Want To Learn How Make Money on the Internet?


Not sure how to start or what to do?

Hi, I’m Frank Thomas and I do know exactly how you feel. I too struggled for months and months making every mistake you could possibly imagine. I listened to all the gurus out there and went to their courses and at the end of the day, I still felt like I’d missed the boat.

The most annoying thing was when I went to conferences I would sit next to someone who had made it big and I’d ask myself, “either that person is telling me fibs or I’m just not getting it!

Well, this continued and one day I got sick of hearing all the hype by those around me and I started to ask hard questions like,

  • How did you get successful anyhow?
  • What did you do? (In other words, what am I not doing?)
  • How long did it take?
  • How much are you making?

Well I discovered a couple of things which really helped me to start to become profitable each and every day, but I was still not making as much as I’d like too.

The real ‘aha’ moment came when I started to help other internet marketers with their businesses. It’s funny when you can’t see why your own business isn’t working but when you look at what someone else is doing, you see it clearly.

Now the trick is to see what mistakes others are doing and ensure that you are not making the same mistakes! I want you to also know the ‘big mistakes’ that can be made and also the right way to do things.

Today I want to invite you to subscribe to a weekly video series that I’ll be putting out called, “Internet Marketing Success Series”.

It will comprise of a short and easy to take action video that you’ll receive absolutely at no cost to you each and every week.

I will touch upon many topics that seem to hamper the aspiring internet marketer from realizing their dreams. If you’d like, you can watch the very first episode, right here:

 As you can see from today’s video, I talked extensively about the “Power of Focus”. This is the number 1 reason most internet marketers fail.

Did you get that?

Did you know that you can have a bad plan and still succeed better then someone with 10 good plans?

Why I’m Using WordPress

 Why would anyone be using WordPress? One could say that it’s because it’s free. Others would say, right place, right time. While others again would say why not wordpress?

Really, I believe that it is a combination of all these elements plus on other important fact. Google. Google really loves WordPress blogs! It’s the thought of the Internet community that blogs Google loves WordPress because blogs like WordPress normally contain unique and relevant information.

I’ve personally done some extensive testing in this area and I’m sure of this fact. There are techniques that will bring an empty wordpress blog to the top or second from the top spot with it’s primary keyword within a day or two. All this flexing the power of WordPress and it’s various plugins!

Using WordPress, in my opinion, is a very smart move on your part towards your success as an Internet marketer. Is it the answer for all things on the Internet? No, I wouldn’t deceive you into believing that. But I will say that it is still a very important part indeed.

Using WordPress for Profits

WordPress can definitely be your backbone to creating wealth on the Internet. One of the greatest things about WordPress is that it helps to isolate your creative genius from the technical difficulties of creating a vibrant and more importantly, visited, web site.

The WordPress formula, never the less, can be a confusing one because of one of WordPress’ strongest points: the options available to you if you choose WordPress.

It’s my hope that I can help to shed some light on WordPress and how to use it to it’s fullest. I will delve into some code eventually, but I intend to start with the basics and provide you with a road to success in learning and using WordPress!

Stay tuned and be sure to visit often to see what WordPress can really do for you, as long as you start using wordpress!