Blogging For MoneyNo matter what we decide to do in life, we will find our value in how much we impact other lives and/or how much you can make doing it. Blogging for money is no different.

The cool thing with blogging and in particular blogging for money, is we have the freedom to impact others while at the same time earning an income from our efforts. And with the Internet expanding to more and more users, this is a field of interest that is only bound to grow.

But how do you go about this? Truly, from experience, it can be the hardest thing to do and also can be the easiest. I continually answer questions in Internet marketing forums asking about how to make money. The answer for them is the same for you. You need to blog on something that you are interested in.

Don’t try to tackle weight loss or credit repair or forbid, cure acne, but do talk about what interests you. For example, a good close family friend of mine was talking with me about blogging for money. Her first question, after I peaked her interest was, "so, what can I talk about? I don’t really know anything special."

I talked with her for some time and I discovered that she was an avid runner. She loved to run long distance marathons and the such. That become the topic of her very first site! And she has seen success from her efforts!

Now, I’m not going to promise that if you setup a blog, the world will come pounding to your door, but over time, it is possible.

Now, if you know what you want to write about, how do you know if it’s going to be successful over time? Before you do anything in life, always make sure you are getting involved with a marketable product or idea. Don’t try to sell ice to Eskimos and don’t try to sell dirt in the desert.

With careful analysis, you can find out if you have an idea that has enough interested ‘buyers’ to your idea. Now, don’t panic, you don’t even have to sell a product. There are many very interested companies who would gladly pay you to stand in the wind of viewers that you create.

Let me offer you an example. Early in my marketing career, I setup one website that talks about dandruff, more so, how to deal with and possibly cure dandruff. I’ve never had more trouble monetizing a blog then that one!

I tried AdSense, affiliate products and others. I made very little from that site. Not for getting traffic. This site sees hundreds of unique visitors per day! It hit me after talking with a few marketers to find an advertiser who would gladly stand in your windstorm of traffic and pay you monthly for the ability to do so!

Wow, the TV advertising world as entered the Internet world. And it can work very, very well. It can be a pleasing experience for the viewer, the advertiser and of course you! Blogging for money just doesn’t have to be that hard!

So now we have an idea that is marketable and we know enough about it that we can easily present ourselves as an expert in this area. Oh, slight sidetrack, if you’ve read more then three books on a particular topic, you’re an expert in that topic and know more then 95% of the population about that topic.

Next, things can get a bit technical. But you have to consider setting up a blog. Once you do it once or twice, it’s not hard but getting it right the first time can be hairy. Let’s say that you are done for now.

Next, you simply have to write articles on the topic of your interest. Include photos and if you are able video is a slam dunk. Provide a great portal of information for your topic of interest. You see, blogging for money can be fun!

But be prepared to have this take time. It could take you several months to get readership and a couple of years to get enough readership to permit you to really monetize your blog. (Yes, I can hear the groans now!)

But hear me out. This can happen a lot sooner, but blogging for money is a lot like being a farmer. You have to plan your crops. Then plant your seed, and care for and water it. Then take care of the growing seedlings. Soon, though, through patience, you can harvest your crop.

But here’s the exciting part for you. After you start to see profits from your blog, as long as the blog stays alive, you will continue to profit from your blog! A very good friend of mine built a blog and forum on the Internet about five years ago. The advertising from just one of his advertisers covers all of his current living expenses!

One site, one advertiser. Now, granted, he gets in the neighborhood of 4,000 to 5,000 visitors per day, but he’s in a very small population and niche. The population he targets is less then 1/3 the population of Chicago.

Now imagine you are targeting the whole of the USA, UK or Canada? Are you getting the idea? Blogging for money is a very real and can be a very profitable venture.

So, consider starting part-time. Dedicate an hour every couple of days to learn what you need to know and start to build the blog of your dreams. I promise you, in the long run, you won’t regret it! Blogging for money is truly a great way to go!