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Getting Home Runs

Let’s face it. As Internet Marketers we just want to hit home runs each and every time!

We want to be like Babe Ruth! Yeah!

But do we really? Did you know that Babe Ruth struck out most of the time and only had a small percentage of this times up to bat end up as home runs?

Could you deal with that kind of hit and miss success? Well, if you want to be super successful, you had better get used to that!

You see, if you expect to do a thing and be super successful then you are either delusional or very, very luck. Either way, you don’t want to be there.

But Babe knew what success really was. You keep trying and every once in a while you do hit a home run!

Now, if you are more smart then lucky, you will try hard to orient your efforts on batting another home run. You will continue to hone you skills towards this type of success.

How Does That Work For Me?

Now, you might be thinking, ‘Ok Frank, I agree, but how does that work for me?’

Good question. You need to just get up to bat. In other words, TRY.

You see, if you are looking for guarantees, then you will find yourself not trying. If Babe looked for a guarantee that he was going to get a home run, I’m sure you wouldn’t have know the name Babe Ruth and he would have done something else – other then baseball.

So, the first step to trying is taking an accountance of what you know, what you’ve tried and where you’ve already succeeded.

Orient your efforts in the areas of success, but continue to try other avenues too. You just don’t know what you could be missing that you haven’t tried.

I remember getting excited when I earned more then $1 on Google Adsense in a day and now, I work less and earn easily a hundred times that each and every day!

Now, I’m not saying Google Adsense is a waste of time. What I am saying is there are other avenues to earn money online. Today a nice part of my daily income is earnings with Google.

You need to learn and investigate these other ideas too. You may never know what is going to really click. Believe it or not, in this game, one very good home run can be enough!

Remember you are marketing to 100’s of millions of people! Even if you market to only 1 million people and 1% love your product so much that they buy, and your net profit is $20 per sale, you’ve made $200,000!

Think about it! It’s vitally important that you realize this fact. You are playing in a different ball park to your father or father’s father. Your market is not the village, or even city you live in. It’s the entire globe!

To conclude, Babe Ruth got it right. Step up to bat many times and every once in a while, he hit a home run. With limited success, he was still a super star of baseball!

I Hate The Warrior Forum

I Hate The Warrior Forum!

If I could have $1 for every time I’ve hear that statement in one form or another, I’d be sipping cool drinks with umbrellas in them on a warm beach instead of putting up with another Alberta winter!

But why is this? What are the problems with the Warrior Forum? Well, I’ll leave that conversation up to the naysayers but I wanted to touch on a couple of the best attributes of this Internet marketers’ forum.

If you are interested in form of Internet marketing, you owe it to yourself to get very acquainted with this online forum.

Excellent Products

First and foremost, you’ll find many excellent products released as WSO or Warrior Special Offers on this forum. There are a lot of duds too but if you want to find diamonds you have to be willing to dig through a lot of dirt!

I personally purchase probably close to 20-30 WSO’s every month. I want to know what other’s are learning and doing to monetize their efforts and I’ve gotten some very excellent advice from many of these.

I am a firm believer that if you want to become an expert in a field, you have to be willing to invest whatever you have to become better in your field. I can tell you from experience, that my skill set as a marketer in general has gotten tenfold better because of these excellent WSO’s.

Excellent Discussions

There are also many subsections on the forum where you’ll find discussions on a wide range of topics. From technical programming details to ‘what’s up?’

In particular, I’d recommend that you consider becoming a member of the ‘War Room’ on the forum. Many products are pre-released within the War Room for free to those members.

Get involved in the discussions. Don’t be afraid to start a few of your own. Just don’t be surprised if no one answers! It does happen at times, but be persistent.

Strong Relationships

Finally and probably the best reason to make good use of this forum is to foster strong relationships with others who share your interests.

Let me offer you an example. I was curious about starting up an article directory service so I sought out others who had walked this path before me.

Before long, I found another member who had run an article directory for better then five years and told me a ton of information that they wish they had known in the beginning.

The information was truly invaluable! From there, I’ve developed a strong relationship with this other person as we share a like passion in article directories.

I’ve done the same on many occasions. These wonderful people not only help me out each and every day, they keep me honest too.

You see, it’s easy to say, I’ll get that done by Friday. Well, Friday comes and goes and someone will pipe up and say, ‘so, why aren’t you done yet?’ You did promise yourself to be done by now!

Soon you’ll find that you’ll be keeping your deadlines to ensure you succeed.

Not only that, when you have a down day, it’s wonderful to chat with one of these friends and have a good old fashion chat with them. Soon, you’ll be feeling better and re-energized to take on the battle once again to climb one step higher.

Are You Involved?

So, do you want to succeed? Don’t make it any harder. Get involved on this wonderful forum.

Purchase great information, share great information and foster fantastic relationships. As a matter of fact, I look to meeting you there!

How To Succeed Online

I have a lot of my customers ask me one simple question: What’s the best way to succeed online?

I have a really simple answer. Build your own product.

What? What happened to Adsense or Ebay or Amazon? What about CPA offers?

All of these ideas are great, but you are only getting a small percentage of the profit pie. When you decide to build your own product and I mean information product, you get to keep not 5% but normally 95% of the profits!

Think about it for just one moment. If you were only making 5% on an Amazon sale with a total value of $100, then you are making about $5. So, you had to work hard enough to convince a propective customer to spend $100 so you can only make $5.

But what if you only had to work hard enough to convince a propective customer to spend only $5.25? Sounds a ton easier doesn’t it!

Well, it is. And here’s the kicker, you still make $5 – if it’s your information product! Because you are keeping 95% of the profits of $5.25.

You must be asking, “What product can I create?” The answer is simplier then you think. Sit down and consider what you are passionate about.

Create a list of items. Could be snowboarding. Could be cooking. Might even be about solar energy. You see, it really doesn’t matter.

If you are passionate about it, I can just about without any doubt believe that someone else or many someone else’s in this world are just as passionate.

So, let’s say you settle on a topic. What’s next? Years of contemplation and research?

No! Sit down again with a blank piece of paper and start jotting down sub ideas to the main topic. Soon you’ll fill two or three pages within ideas. Doesn’t matter how crazy they are. Just jot them down.

After you’ve completely emptied your mind of the ideas, start taking a look at the ideas and see what relates. Tie those ideas together as a proper list on another piece of paper. Soon, you’ll find that you have the outline for a great information product!

Now, it could be the simple matter of creating a word document that you can turn into a PDF or creating an hour video as a “how to”. It’s really that simple.

Let me offer you a personal story that was the aha moment for me. Last year I release the video series “There’s Gold In Them There Mountains” which is a keyword niche finding how to series. It’s a topic that I love and am passionate about.

It took about two days of effort to build this series and to be honest, probably wasn’t the most polished product, but the information that I presented was very good.

Since releasing that series, I’ve maybe put in another day of customer support to rectify technical issues with product delivery or customer questions, but again, because I was passionate about this topic, it was a joy to do.

To date, the product has sold more then $2,000 in sales. Not to shabby for 2 – 3 days work.

Since then, I’ve begun to dedicate more and more of my time and efforts on how to get better at creating great information products. Funny thing was that I have had a ton of other marketing gurus tell me what I’ve just told you, but it didn’t click until I tried.

So, what are you passionate about? What skills do you have that other’s may be interested in? Think about it. Learning how to succeed online just doesn’t have to be that hard!

How to Get Ranked By Google

Now, a quick disclaimer before I begin. These are my own thoughts – some I’ve proven and some hypothesized. But all I believe to be good old fashion common sense.

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”  Quote From King Solomon – considered the wisest man who ever lived.

I’ve been studying the elusive goal of getting everything that I publish online to be ranked by all the search engines for the number #1 position.

 At this time, there is little doubt that Google is the leader in search engine web sites, so I will make complete mention of Google in this discussion but I’m sure that it also portrays the other popular search engines.

Google has had a mandate of always satisfying their true customer – the web searcher. Google has come to realize if they wish to remain the leader, then they have to actually give the prospective searcher what they want.

The person searching may not offer Google one single cent towards their bottom line, but Google does realize without the searcher, then Google doesn’t have an audience for their advertising which generates revenue.

With that in mind, and what Solomon mentions, I began to think. What would Google use to find and rank information to searchers?

Here’s what they use in a nutshell: public recognition.

In any other median, the more the eyeballs you command, the more you command. I don’t believe this to be far from the truth with Google and getting our sites ranked either.

So, online, how do you command eyeballs?

Simple – being mentioned by other websites. This would in its simplest form be a backlink pointing to your web site.  Better again is keyword text within a backlink pointing back to your site. This simple act helps to distinguish they subject matter of the backlink.

In past years, building 1,000’s of backlinks back to your web site would do it in a pinch. This was also a time when Google didn’t make any distinction between true backlinks (or recommendations) and faked backlinks through the use of automated or paid backlinking services.

Google though, has to keep to their mandate and ensure that they rank good content for prospective searchers.

With that in mind, Google’s search algorithms have gotten smarter at looking for patterns. One of the fastest ways a computer can discern large amounts of data is by finding a common footprint or pattern within the data.

Considering the fact that there a literally billions of web pages that are indexed by Google and other search engines, this may be the only sure and quick way to distinguish between true backlinks to your web site and self done backlinks.

Unfortunately also, we are now forced to a pattern of creating many backlinks to our legitimate (non-spammy) web site just to get recognized in today’s day and age.

So how are we to get recognized by the search engines by creating backlinks without triggering the alarm within the Google system that our backlinks are not to be trusted?

We need to learn how to properly cover our tracks. In other words, make sure we don’t leave a foot print that the Google computers can recognize as a pattern.

We need to ensure we create diversity in our linking strategy. This I believe is the number one thing we can do.

So how do we create diversity?

  1. Don’t try to post the same content to multiple websites. This is a clear foot print in my opinion.
  2. Don’t try to post the same backlink and linking text to your websites. Mix up the backlinks and use these backlinks to deep link into your website with multiple keywords that portray the same subject matter.
  3. Create backlinks with multiple services. Don’t just social bookmark. Don’t just post articles. Don’t just create web 2.0 properties. Do all of these together.
  4. When creating diverse backlinks, make sure you don’t start following a cookie cutter pattern. This is the reason that closed link wheels lost their potency. Even open link wheels are going to become too much of a foot print as Google gets smarter and smarter.
  5. Don’t create 1,000’s of backlinks within a couple of hours and then nothing after. I believe creating up to 10-20 quality backlinks a week to a site over the course of let’s say 6 weeks will have much strong impact.

With these points in mind, how can we do this while not working 30 hour workdays?

  1. Make use of good spinner software. If you can find spinning software that can spin content at multiple levels, this is ideal. Check out ‘the best spinner’ or ‘magic article spinner’.
  2. Find good automation tools to post to article directories, social networks and web 2.0 properties.
  3. Don’t overdo it. Like chocolate cake, each a piece each and every day. Don’t try to gobble the cake in a day.
  4. Create good notes and vary your linking strategy day by day and site by site. This will give your linking efforts more randomness and less chances of becoming a foot print.
  5. Consider taking some time to learn some web automation tools to create backlinks in a semi-automated fashion. Definitely an advanced move but reasonable.
  6. Consider hiring on some good virtual assistants to create backlinks for you. Supply them with your information to be posted, pre-spun and teach them how to ‘randomize’ your backlink strategy.
  7. Put aside money every month to educate yourself from others. I personally spend between $500 to $1,000 per month on materials that I purchase from others. You will get dudes at times, but you will never find the diamonds if you are not willing to dig through some dirt. This to me is the #1 thing to keep doing. Keep educating yourself to get smarter and smarter each and every day.

If you follow this path, you will be successful. There will be nothing that will stop you.

The Mindset of an Internet Marketer

Good day all! I want to quickly deviate from the normal articles where I talk about technical details about becoming an Internet marketer. Today I like to talk about the mindset of an Internet marketer.

I’ve been thinking pretty hard about this for some time, and after reading comments from other Internet marketers I’ve come to one major conclusion why many Internet marketers fail.

You may have or may not have heard this before, but you have already failed or succeeded before you even started. Please let me repeat that. You’ve already failed or succeeded before you even started.

Let me illustrate this with a story. Just recently, I decided to videotape how I do niche finding with my two favorite niche finding tools; micro-niche finder and market samurai.

Both are excellent tools in their own right but I find that I can do much better and deeper niches using both tools together.

So I started by doing the easy part. I sat down, videotaped about three hours of video and then I completely edited it into a nice package. Finally I set up a sales page and I was ready to go.

This is something I’ve done in the past many times. But the next step is something I’ve never done. I decided to sell this as a WSO, or warrior special offer on the warrior forum.

Now you have to realize that this is something I’ve never done before. For the first time, I’m putting my Internet marketing information into the hands of other Internet marketers. Therefore I’m also putting my work up for scrutiny by other Internet marketers.

In my mind, I had already started the mindset of failure. I was literally shaking in my boots!

That might sound silly but believe it or not that’s exactly how I felt. I literally woke up one morning after fooling with all the technical details for couple days realizing I was now wasting time.

It is easy for me to say,’it’s not ready’. But in truth it was ready. It’s at that point that I decided it was time for me to succeed. It’s time for me to throw away the easy get out of jail card. You know that card that tells you in your mind that you’re wasting your time because it’s not can work anyhow.

I posted the WSO. Now I’ll tell you that I had to do many course corrections with how I handled this type of marketing. But delightfully I discovered what I had to share in terms of information was gladly accepted by other members.

Would I do this again? Absolutely!

Another point of the story is illustrate to you that you don’t know if you’re going to succeed or fail before you even tried and if you don’t try then you definitely failed. But when you do try, and even if you fail, you will still succeed. Because you’ve learnt a whole new set of skills!

Now it’s up to you to try that again. If you fail again, course correct and try again. No matter what you do in life, it’s dogged persistence and not some magical formula that brings you success.

When you fall into the trap of continually trying to learn so you won’t fail when you do try, then you have already succeeded in failing.

So marketers, where’s your mindset right now? Are you failing? Or let me rephrase that question, are you not trying? When you fall into the trap of continually trying to learn so you won’t fail when you do try, then you have already succeeded in failing.

Let me share a little fact with you. I probably registered and set up well over 50 domains before I started to get things right. But I was actually succeeding a little bit with every failure.

Now I have the ability to quickly set up sites that can be very profitable.

I have the ability to pick up some of the else’s information and run with it very quickly. Were others will fail I will succeed. Now I ask you, are you ready to succeed? Are you ready to succeed beyond your wildest dreams?

You will always get what you ask for.