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Traffic Sucking Tactics – Original Content

I’d love to offer you some more excellent information, as a sample of what will be in the Traffic Sucking Tactics course. Today, I want to talk about Google. Now, this is my speculation regarding Google as they do not share their ranking tactics with anyone.

I remember when I used to get involved with the ‘discussions’ on forums regarding the duplicate content penalty. It used to frustrate me that I could never get a straight answer for love nor money. Some people swore up and down that there was a penalty and Google would send you to Internet hell and others would say that it was all a joke and you could post content from others, such as PLR articles, without issue.

Well it didn’t take me long to do an experiment of my own. I purchased a number of domain names and setup about 150 wordpress blogs to test the theory. Now, I used a lot of the strong SEO tactics to market these sites, including back linking. It was a lot of effort, (actually a lot of programming to automate many of the steps), but it was a very interesting experiment to say the least.

Today for the first time, I’m going to share my findings with you. Google will not send you to the Internet hell and they will index your sites, but you can be pretty sure that they will not rank any of them very well. Out of the complete set of sites, within months of lighting them up, I don’t see more then twenty to forty visitors to the sites.

To me, reposting duplicate content is an absolute waste of my time and resources! Fortunately I was rewarded over the past year and these duplicate content blogs have paid for their expenses, but barely. Definitely not a business model I would recommend.

But I wanted to take the experiment to the next level and test partial duplicate content. Here’s where the results become a little more interesting, from a business point of view.

The next part of the experiment was to take a WordPress blog that was doing ok and post re-written PLR articles on it. Now, all I did was run the article through a word substitution program that lets you select alternate words. Now, that was as successful as a completely original content article. They got indexed and ranked well.

So, this is a tactic that I may use in the future. Trouble was it took just about as long to re-write an article then it would to just write a new article.

Next, I’ve tried to post original headers to an article that was a reprint of the article. So, partial original content and partial copied content. Initially it looked good. I was ranked, but not well. The article eventually made it to the front page but over time, the listing fell. This was on one of my popular sites, so it was a bit dissappointing.

The end result on these experiments, in my mind? Original content is the way to go. Take the extra time and write your information to your careful keyword research. Doing this, I promise that you’ll be ranked and ranked well.

Keyword Search Tool – Hints and Tips

I’ve been involved with an interesting conversation that I thought you’d enjoy hearing about. This conversation is near and dear to every internet marketer’s heart – finding profitable keywords and what is the right keyword search tool.

 We have more and more keyword search tools available to us today then marketers had even just a year or two ago. But sometimes, this can cause more problems than solves. But let me elude to the conversation I was having with a couple of other marketers. It revolves around the comparison of two great tools, Market Samurai and Micro Niche Finder.

 Which keyword search tool to use was the whole conversation. Which to trust? And what do their numbers mean. I’ve had extensive experience searching keywords and with Market Samurai, since I have owned it from day one of its release, I really can find great keywords with it.

 But recently, I was talking with a fellow marketer and he really likes Micro Niche Finder. Being the kind of guy that I am, I purchased this software and initially I was just a bit disappointed. It can across as too simplistic in comparison to Market Samurai. But this is where its power lies. Being able to very quickly analysis many keywords, very simply and very quickly.

 But this article is not a sales letter for any specific keyword search tool. It’s an information email to help you find great keywords. I mentioned the two pieces of software, simply because I wanted to mention that Micro Niche Finder is doing its patrons a great service when presenting keyword search volumes.

Please let me explain. When I search out a keyword in Market Samurai, it is the norm to search out keywords that have a ‘broad’ search volume. A broad search volume is a combination of all the volume of all variations of that keyword. For example, if your keyword was ‘dog training’, you would also see all the searches on ‘training dogs’ as part of the ‘broad’ volume.

This is a critical mistake made by many internet marketers… 

This is a critical mistake made by many internet marketers, one that I made for a long time. You’ll find a keyword that projects a broad search volume of 10,000 searches per month, but you need to drill down and see what the ‘exact’ search volumes are. The exact volumes on that same keyword could be only 650 searches per month.

So, you’d run off and spend time and money creating a great new website and nothing. Maybe ten visitors per day! If you did your homework and really checked out the exact volumes, it’s much more telling to you on what number of visitors you could see.

 That’s your starting point when using a keyword search tool. Upon comparing numbers in Micro Niche Finder, I noticed that the monthly search volumes were about 90% of the exact search monthly volumes from other keyword search tools! Very good. Not only do they give you exact results, they place in a small buffer against monthly volume anomalies.

This is a great place to be. Now, what volumes should your keywords have for monthly exact searches? I personally will have two types of keywords that I’ll target. Primary keywords and secondary keywords. I’ll base my website upon the primary keywords and the secondary keywords just help to add volume to the number of monthly visitors.

For the primary keywords, I like to see monthly volumes of at least 50 exact searches per day or 1500 searches per month. For secondary keywords, 20 exact searches per day or 600 per month. I also will like to have a gross volume of about 5,000 or more monthly exact searches with all my keywords per month. I actually shoot for much higher then that, but if the keywords don’t meet this low bar, I move on.

So, now, what do you do with these great keywords? How do you weed out even more of the keywords you don’t want to focus on? And what makes a great keyword?

I intend to answer all of those questions and many more very soon here on Please stay tuned!

Traffic Sucking Tactics

We all know that traffic is King when you have an Internet based business. The more traffic you have, the greater the chances that you’ll grab more sales.

But how do you get more traffic? Well, if there was any way to mess this up or give snake oil vendors a new market, here it is. This has got to be one of the most controversial topics on Internet marketing forums.

Why? Simply because the search engines, such as Google, has decided to NOT disclose their search and ranking algorithms to you and me. So, we have to pick in the dark.

Well, sorry, but that’s just not good enough for me. So I decided to test, test, test and did I say test all assumptions. And I think you’ll be pretty surprised by what I’ve found out!

But first let me tell you how I performed my testing.

I wanted to remove as many variables as possible from the equation that could skew the final results. So, in the past year and a half, I’ve created and tested theories and ideas on well over 300 blog installs.

And I have found out some very definitive things that you need to know to win at the internet marketing game. I’ve eluded to some of my findings on several internet marketing hang-outs, but I’ve not let out the whole cat from the bag.

Soon, very soon, I’ll be creating a series of videos where I unfold my 16 months of research and the results that I found from over 300 blogs to you!

I want you to take part in this special unveiling so you can save yourself a ton of time and a ton of cash learning this game.

Stay tuned, and make sure you sign up for my newsletter and I’ll keep you informed of how things are going and when I’ll be opening the doors to these secrets.

Spots will be limited, so keep your eyes and ears tuned!


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