Well, WordPress is finally maturing! Over time the fine folks at WordPress have had to work through some pretty severe growing pains, but luck for us, things have really improved with age.

I’ve been using WordPress since version 1.7 and when I step back to any of my sites that are still running that old of a version (none now), I was just astonished how I could actually use that old version!

But what has made WordPress so much better since the introduction of version 3 and specifically version 3.2.1? Well, there’s a ton of improvements under the hood.

First and foremost security has greatly improved. I’ve faced some pretty bad hacks on hundreds of my wordpress sites and it came down to having my hosting agent restore all the sites from a backup. But with the latest version and some innovative plugins, WordPress has hardened pretty good. We always have to vigilant against potential hacks. Let’s face it, it’s still code, but things have greatly improved.

Next, functionality. What can I say? Wow! I love the custom menus available in WordPress 3. My only complaint is programming information has been slow to flow on the docs site. Over time I can see some great improvements coming down the pipe that will make menus even more exciting and feature filled. Time will tell.

Finally in the latest versions, speed. Things are greatly improving on the speed side of WordPress. There’s been some pretty awesome code optimizations to the code base that has really helped things out. Again lot’s of exciting things coming down the pipe in regards to speed. Time will tell again.

But there are things that I’m still waiting on. The programmers are fantastic. WordPress is definitely a blessing from the open source community. But these suggestions are just that – suggestions. Things that I think need improvement or could be great additions to WordPress.

My first complaint is the structuring of menus. I understand the menuing structure within the database but I have a really interesting question to ask in this regard. Why the heck was it done the way it was done? I can see it broken down as a post or page is. But man to create a menu there are several database touches that must be completed to ‘get the job done’. Well, yes, it fits into the current structure but when another table is not really a big deal, it would have made way more sense, in my humble opinion to split this functionality out.

Next, I’d like to see posts and pages getting a¬†little closer in functionality. I totally understand the differences between the two types but I’d love to see something like a ‘super post’ that contains the functionality of posts and pages. Allow me to create a post with all the tag love in it but also be able to select a custom template page to create it on.

This is something that I”m surprised that has really never made it.

Another thing is the editor. Things are improving, but there are still some glaring issues with the edit window. WordPress still likes to mess with the code added in the window and I’d just love to have the ability to have wordpress to trust that I know what I’m posting and let me use the visual window without having to resort to the html window. Or at the very least – don’t mess up my html code if I go back to the visual window.

Another thing and this is probably a theme function more then anything else, but I’d love to be able to tackle in custom css code to tweak themes easily within WordPress. In other words, it would be cool to have a tab in the appearance folder that is the ‘custom css’ file tab. Here I could lay in some final css code that would override any other css that may be part of the theme.

I suggest the final thing because I already do so much css customization to sites with firefox and firebug and to me, it would be a slam dunk.

So, the final verdict on WordPress 3.2.x? Well, it’s getting slicker every single day! I’m excited to see what will be coming down the pipe in the future!

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