I recently had a funny thing happen to me about two weeks ago that involved WordPress and my wife. You see, having someone in the house that understands wordpress is just too handy to let go by. So, she had me setup a site for her and she has started to blog in earnest!

But it didn’t take long for her to run into troubles. She is running a slightly older laptop that is running Vista with just enough ram to say that she has a computer. Whenever she fires up her WordPress site and goes into the administrative back end, her browser window locks up.

Believe me, it had me stratching my head just for a few moments. I’ve been administering well over 300 blog installs for the past two years and this has never happened to me.

With investigation, I could only come up with the fact that the javascript on the page was just bogging down vista too much. Fortunately the fix is pretty simple too.

It was just a matter of performing a ‘Turbo’ install. You’ll find the turbo application in your administration panel at the top right hand corner.

It’s literally the matter of clicking on Turbo and then selecting the ‘Turbo:Speed up WordPress’ install now button. Follow through with the install and quickly reboot your computer.

Now, my darling wife is very happy to blog to her heart’s content. With the local cached copy of page elements right on her computer, everything clicks along as it should.

After performing on her computer, I did the same to mine. I did notice a small difference in speed, but my pc has more ram and isn’t running Vista.

So, I hope that this very quick tip helps you with your WordPress slowdown problems, if you are having them!

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