power of the pressThe power of the press has never something we talk about but it is one of the most influential devices of the 20th century.

The printing press has completely transformed the last few hundred years, making duplication of printed material very easy and very inexpensive.

But I’m not here to talk about printing presses today, but a new movement of a different kind of press that is becoming as influential has it’s ink and paper cousins.

I’m talking about WordPress. This blog engine has begun to completely change the face of the electronic world that we call the Internet.

It allows us to do extremely complex sites with just a few clicks of a button! I cannot imagine how much work it would be to create a web site as functional and feature filled as this electronic press.

With the addition of wordpress 3.0 in the past few months, WordPress has taken on even more of a look and feel of a very professional platform.

The funny thing about this great software is that it’s totally and absolutely free! Still I pinch myself when I contemplate the fact that this software is free. Updates are free. Many add ons are free. And even when you contemplate some of the pay for software that can be used with WordPress, it’s still a tremendous value, overall.

Why? Because WordPress was written from the ground up with the idea of expansion in mind. This expansion has begun to really hit home in 2010 and I only look forward to what we will be seeing from the WordPress team in 2011.

Power to the Press!

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