Well, WordPress 3.0 is official out and I’ve held my breath for a while on it until I got over the initial birthing pains.

You see, I’ve been in the computer business for some time and I really do avoid major updates to any software. I prefer others to run ahead and ‘test the waters’ so to speak. This way, they can initially iron out the major bugs and I can reap the benefits.

It may sound a bit selfish, but experience tells me that this is the best way. As it turns out, there were a couple of troubles that came out of the word work after release. Nothing earth shattering, so I give my congrats to the hard working WordPress coding team!

I’ve begun to work with WordPress 3.0. Nothing dramatic, mainly just using it on some of my online Amazon store fronts to see if there are any conflicts with any of my plugins.

For the moment, I’ve just encountered a couple of code burps – nothing to panic about. I have noticed that WordPress 3.0 is just a speedy as 2.9.2, which sometimes is not the cause. I’m also glad of the further cleanup on the interface.

Some things in the Administration Dashboard were in kind of the wrong places and the folks at WordPress have definitely seen to fixing this small shortcomings. I’ve yet to try to get it working with Thesis, as I’m sure you’ve heard that there are issues.

Other themes like the Headway theme, seems to work pretty well. The menuing system (a sorrily needed thing) new in WordPress 3.0 is not compatible with Headway, but Headway is already got a pretty nice menuing system in place, so no loss.

I’ve also begun to write dedicated themes and plugins and will see how well things pan out in that realm as well. I’ll be sure to keep you up to date on that if I encounter any noticable changes.

Otherwise, I’m pleased to say that the WordPress 3.0 is pretty much like 2.9.2 with one noticable exception. The integration of the mu code into the platform.

I’ve done some reading regarding multi-site setups, especially with multiple domain names. That to me, is very exciting. If this works well, it will definitely be a big time saver. Imagine administrating over 300 domains, each with it’s own install.

Right now, I’ve had to depend upon writing automated tools to perform things like updates to the installs. This can be hit and miss at times, but a tremendous time saver. Now imagine running 20 domains on the same Cpanel account on ONE wordpress install.

This literally could reduce my workload to 1/20th. That is staggering as right now it can take months for me to get back to a blog and make some changes. Again, I’ll definitely post my failures and successes as I battle that one out.

Well, all in all, I take my hat off to the WordPress team. Great update for sure! Be sure to post what you’ve found about WordPress 3.0 below in the comments!

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