Huh? Why would I ever write an article about why wordpress sucks? Isn’t this a website that promotes the use of WordPress? Well, to tell you the truth, nothing is perfect and if you come walking into a situation with full knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work, you can be better prepared when things go sideways.

WordPress is great for many reasons but there are some things about wordpress, in my opinion, are kinda sucky. To be fair, some of the things that I’ll be mentioning are simply the way wordpress works and is the idea behind the original concept.

So, let’s start. WordPress is back end heavy. Not too heavy, but it can become burdensome. I was will a hosting agent, which be left nameless, and I was noticing that my wordpress sites were not working very fast.

After several back and forth emails with their support people, the answer finally slipped out. Because I was running wordpress on over 200 websites, my account was metered to so much computer usage time and wordpress was slowing me down. Their recommendations were to either dump wordpress (and any other dynamic content engine), reduce the number of sites per account or open up multiple accounts and spread my sites between them.

With some research, I found out that wordpress is a bit back end heavy. This is many because of all the requested features and functionality. It’s not a biggie, and easily overcome, but you need to know this fact, if you intend to grow beyond a couple of sites.

WordPress can be complicated to backup and restore. Unless you are running a hosting agent interface like cpanel, then backups and restores of wordpress databases can be hairy. Again, if you run only one, not a big problem. But if you are interested in adding to your site count, this can become a big problem.

Fortunately, you can overcome this problem by simply choosing a good hosting agent that supports cpanel. I highly recommend this regardless of your future plans. Cpanel is an industry standard and there is a number of reasons to go with this type of hosting agent.

Also, plugins have emerged into this void for backups, but I believe that the only successful backup is a successful and easy recovery. Time will tell!

Next, if you want to learn how to use wordpress beyond the basics, it can be quite the learning curve. I did go through a point in my use of wordpress where the learning curve got pretty steep. And I did bump my head on several occasions. I’m actually putting together a comprehensive wordpress course geared for beginner to the intermediate level, just because of this reason.

My pet peeve about wordpress – the menu structure! WordPress was made from the ground up to be a blog or web log. Hence, it’s a place for you to log your thoughts and interests. From this, it didn’t take long for like minded people to start blogging about the same topic within a blog.

Over time, Google and other search engines, started to find wordpress sites to be quite authoritative for niche information and started to really like it when it found a wordpress site. Much of that still holds true today but one thing from wordpress’ past that still holds true is the lack of clear menus within wordpress.

Attempts have been made to help this situation, but I can tell you from experience creating a membership site with wordpress, that the ability to create clear cut menus is a serious drawback when using wordpress. So, if you have an answer to this issue, I’d love to hear it!

To recap, the backend structure can become cumbersome if you intend to develop several wordpress sites. Backing up wordpress can also cause you some grief. Moving beyond the basics of wordpress can present a steep learning curve. And finally, wordpress’ menu structure leaves a lot to be lacking. I’ll still hold to the fact that I think that wordpress is a great content system for websites, but that is still my list of things that suck about wordpress!

Please, I’d love to hear your comments! Tell me why you agree or disagree with what you’ve read here.

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