There’s quite a bit of hype in regards to the feature of multiblogs within one installation of WordPress. This has been a feature of WordPress mu, the cousin of WordPress.

It’s actually been stated on several other sites that this a code merging between the two platforms. I’m not sure I’m too pleased about this, just yet.

Why? Well, I’ve worked with the wordpress mu code quite extensively and found many (did I say many) shortcomings to the code base.

Security Issues

In the forefront we can talk about security. WordPress natural has it’s security issues which can be overcome, but WordPress mu is a nightmare in comparison.

I run a BuddyPress site that uses the mu version of WordPress as it’s core and trying to secure it is impossible. I had a run in with an automated spammer that continued to generate new accounts, even after I turned off new account generation in the settings!

Now, I’ve read plenty of articles that talked about manually changing the core code to ‘fix’ the issue, but that to me is not a fix. Whenever you have to alter the core code of WordPress, you are asking for future problems. One update and all of your changes could very well be gone.

Also, you are moving into no-man’s land. If you are altering core files, you may also break many plugin and themes.

Spammers Ahoy!

Also the code base of WordPress mu seems to scream ‘spammers ahoy’! Time and time again, I’m finding it close to impossible to control content created by spammers.

First, when a new person registers, it will gladly send you an email with the IP address listed. But nowhere within the control panel of WordPress mu is the IP address listed, or is searchable. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see all the accounts created by a single IP address? Hmmm.

Next, if you wish to search across multiple blogs that were installed with WordPress mu, you simply can’t. No functionality is there for this critical function.

The search, sort and action functionality is completely inadequate in WordPress mu right now. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

But Am I Blowing Things Out of Proportion?

I’ve sorrily discovered that 1 (just 1) spammer can create several hundred accounts and 1,000’s spam blogs overnight! That’s just one spammer.

I recently had to spend 3 – 10 hour days to clear out spam from a WordPress mu install and found that I only cleared out maybe a week’s worth!

Maybe I’m spouting off where there is no need to and maybe I’m just a tad ungrateful. But there have been many posts about this very issue within the WordPress mu and BuddyPress forums on this very topic.

In my opinion, it just doesn’t seem to be too much of an issue to the developers. Again, I haven’t seen what is coming out, but this is a big problem if things are placed as they currently are.

So, first off, sorry to the developers who are working hard on this, but please listen to the users. Security and spammers are a huge problem within WordPress mu and I’d hate to see it become a general WordPress problem.

It could mean the end of what we currently enjoy with WordPress.

Ok, I’m off of my soap box.

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