Taking the time to learn WordPress can benefit you substantually. Let me tell you my journey with its trials on learning wordpress.

I started with this open source software back in April 2008. So, not too long ago. I’m not a software developer but I do have a keen interest in computers, so many you could call that an advantage.

Anyhow, I looked at content management systems, as I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel from scratch each and every time I wanted to setup a website. And I intended to light up many of them.

I wanted something that ran the basics pretty much for me. Things like site framework, menuing and easy content insersion. That’s about it. It was at a time when I knew very little about search engine optimization, and the such.

So, I started with other blog and content management systems and eventually settled upon the task to learn wordpress. Why? It was probably one of the most popular at the time. The other package I did look at was Joomla. But at that time, there was a split between coders with Joomla and the future was just a tad uncertain.

So, that was another factor that drove me to WordPress. Soon, I found that WordPress was very liked by Google, so that was kind of the nail in the coffin, so to speak, for me to settle upon WordPress.

Now, to learn wordpress, it is going to be a bit of a time effort. Yes, you can hire others to do the whole setup, but only you will do the very best job. My recommendation is to take the time to learn wordpress as you build wordpress sites, and eventually farm out these jobs to your exact specifications.

Nice thing too, is that there is a lot of automation tools to do automated installs and final settings. I only use automated tools now.

I’m going to be reflecting back on courses that I took when I started to learn wordpress and see if I can get the rights to them and find a way to get them to you, the reader. Reason why is if you go to wordpress.org, you will be confused.

I was very confused about wordpress.org. Unfortunately, they’ve been using WordPress way too long and there is very little in the way of hand holding for the newbie.

Next, it’s worth your while to look into getting an older license of Photoshop. Yes, yes, you can use other graphics packages, but you’ll find ten times more free tutorials on photoshop then you ever will on any other graphics package.

Photoshop is a bit of a leap in the beginning, but you can learn it too.

So have I made you nervous yet? Don’t be. It really is all possible. If graphics work is not your passion at all, getting this hired out to others is relatively easy. And in the beginning, your sites don’t have to look extremely polished. 

I’ve looked back on my original sites and wow, are they ugly! But they do bring in a bit of cash each and every month. I’ve actually taken some of my original sites that were not very good looking and given them a facelift. With WordPress, it’s easy.

Also, keep your daytime job while you learn these new skills. Your skill set could take a year or two to develop to the point where you will be doing well on the Internet. I’m currently recommending several great products in my review section and soon I’ll be releasing my own video product that ties up a lot of the loose ends.

This way, a newbie can really excel very quickly!

So, don’t let WordPress get you down. All journeys start with the first step, then the next step and the next. But you do get there. Be patient with yourself and make sure you enjoy your time when you decide to learn wordpress!

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