After tons of work (and still a bit more to do), WordPress Bootcamp 101 is open to the public!

It currently consists of almost 5 hours of video instruction and close to 70 lessons. It’s a course that is designed not to only show you how to set up a blog, but to fully understand all the functionality available to you within WordPress.

Aren’t There 50 Other WordPress Courses Out There Already?

Yes there are. But I wanted this one to be different. I wanted the information to be ‘complete’. I’ve done probably 40 of those other 50 courses and was always still looking for more information.

I can’t say that WordPress Bootcamp 101 is the definitive guide to WordPress, but it does cover 95% of what is important to the average user.

I Don’t Want Know How To Or Want To Learn How To Program!

Great! I hear that. This course has minimum code shown. Only in important, want learn areas, do I delve a little bit into the code. But all unnecessary, if you wish.

Can I Make Money With This Course?

Yes and Yes! The first yes is  because I start the course showing different ideas and sites that I’ve created with WordPress. I’m currently gleaning an easy income from these sites and as time marches on it only gets better and better!

On the second yes, I will be soon permitting affiliate sales to this course. Again, I believe that it’s a great course and an affiliate has the ability to make up to 40% of the cost of the course.

Will It Be Kept Up To Date?

Absolutely. I want it to reflect changes that could occur to WordPress. It is currently written to version 2.9.x, but I also know that version 3.x is just around the corner.

What Will I know Once I’m Done WordPress Bootcamp 101?

You will have a firm grounding of the essentials to WordPress. Plus I’ve encluded special sections showing techniques that WordPress owners could encounter.

For example, how to install a site. How to move a site. What are the best plugins? What if I’m hacked?

Plus, you’ll know the difference between differen things in WordPress. For example, how to make WordPress come across more as a corporate or static site with a blog section is covered.

Click Here for more information on WordPress Bootcamp 101

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