When considering a web site, definitely give WordPress a try. There is tons to be gained from it. But there are pitfalls you should know about it too.

Let’s just take a moment to analyze what you should watch out for before looking at what makes WordPress a great choice.

First, WordPress is a complex system to run a web site upon. This sophistication comes at a price. WordPress is much more hackable then a static web site. Fortunately, protecting your administration directories in WordPress can protect you against about 95% of all hacks.

Next, there is a lot of ways to setup WordPress. What plugins should you use? What theme is the right theme? What’s a theme? Oh boy. But these are things you need to consider before using WordPress.

Personally, it took me about two years of use to really get a hang of successful WordPress installs. This included well over 300 site installs and fixing dozens of other people’s installs in the process.

Think of WordPress as the Mustang of web sites. Press the pedal too hard and you will find over 300 hp of raw power crashing you into another car.

What’s the good of WordPress. If you know how to properly drive this powerful web site engine, it can be a very potent ally to your quest to get ranked by the search engines.

Personally, I find that I can dominate a niche over time for many keyword phrases with very little outside backlinking.

If you are incline to learn WordPress and you are willing to establish many web sites with WordPress, then you can definitely do very well with WordPress, generating a secondary income.

In my opinion this can be accomplished very quickly with very little expense on your behalf. This investment into your future, learning how to flex WordPress, can pay you back very well indeed.

Learning WordPress doesn’t have to be too hard. It is a complex system, but stick to it and over time, you’ll find that you too can become a WordPress expert!

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