Well, it’s not that often when a new WordPress plugin hits the streets in an already crowded market and shows itself to be a winner!

Autoblogging isn’t new by any stretch of the imagination, but the methods of autoblogging seem to be evolving every day. Very soon a new wordpress plugin called AutoPress will be hitting the streets.

This is a plugin that will go head to head with other autoblogging plugins, but will also contain things that make it very unique at the same time.

I’ve had experience with the plugin’s author Edwin Boiten, and this guy is one smart fellow. I got to know him about a year or so back after I had picked up his Amaniche plugin. This is an Amazon autoblogging plugin that I’ve used on several of my sites.

What I like is the fact tha he’s brought to the table some very good aspects to make autoblogging super easy. He’s also combined many great features into AutoPress that you just won’t find elsewhere. You will still have access to post articles from ArticleBase, questions and answers from Yahoo Answers, Amazon product listing, eBay product listings, access to RSS feeds but he didn’t stop there.

Also, you can import your PLR material, with a twist. Imagine that you currently have a subscription to the Best Spinner. It’s gotten a hands down best spinning thesaurus on the market. Now, wouldn’t it just make sense that you could, on the fly spin your PLR material with the Best Spinner thesaurus and post it automatically? Well with AutoPress, you can!

Another great feature is that you can use the same thesaurus to spin articles from ArticleBase, in a completely automated fashion!

Add in text before and after. Again, in a completely automated fashion.

But again, it doesn’t stop there! Here’s a complete list that the Pro version will offer you for autoblogging sources:

  • Articles from Directories
  • PLR article uploads
  • CSV file uploads
  • RSS feeds
  • Flickr images
  • Youtube videos
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Twitter
  • Clickbank products
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • CJ.com
  • LinkShare
  • Shareasale

Wow! Now, that’s all good, but Edwin has a bit of a ‘secret weapon’ up his sleeve. That’s the fact that you can dynamically keep your posts up to date! This is especially important with CSV feeds. You can manage your autoposts, just like you can with his Amaniche plugin. This in itself is excellent.

Now, I know that this posting is starting to sound like a sugared up sales letter, but to be honest – I’m just that impressed. Also because I’ve gotten to know Edwin, I know that he wants things to be perfect!

I have a quick video posted up on Youtube so you can get a glimpse at the interface pages for AutoPress. Take a peek:

I’ll post another video in the next day or so showing you the results being pulled by AutoPress. This plugin is due to be released in just a couple of weeks, so I’ll put up these videos to give you the ability to make an educated decision on whether or not to pick up this plugin for your online buiness ventures!

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