Hey all, I have a special post that might interest you as Internet Marketers.

Let me start with the following. Don’t you just hate coughing up for an expensive piece of software or a monthly membership fee to be able to create all important links to places like social web sites?

I know it bothers me. I’ve picked up several pieces of software that promise to be good to submits articles or provide social bookmarking to be dissappointed six months later when it barely works.

I know that I’ve spent $1,000’s in this vain effort. But what are we to do? We do need these links!

Today I have some exciting news. It’s a new tool call ‘UBot’. It’s a tool that lets you create your very own automated web bots that do whatever you command them.

Now, I’m going to be first to tell you that taking the time to learn Visual Basic or another programming language is about as fun as a root canal, but I’ve been resorted to fact that I’d have to learn this to be able to create my own submission programs.

With UBot, it uses a ‘Visual Programming Language’. When I first looked at it, I didn’t like it at all. Seemed to TeleTubbie to me. But after I watch almost two days of tutorials, I was thoroughly impressed!

I will warn you that it’s $249 but they offered me a coupon code to permit you to pick it up for only $199. I’ll give that to you at the end for sure. It’s nice to save that $$$$.

But back to UBot. I’ve just picked it up myself and haven’t had much chance to play with it yet, but I’ll definitely share more soon.

But Why UBot?

But here’s why I decided to pick up UBot. If you’ve done any kind of web automation, you’ll soon discovered that there is a lot of very hard hurdles to overcome nowadays on the web. One of the biggest is Javascript. Some may call it AJAX too.

Javascript or AJAX is a programming language that performs tasks right in your web browser to give the web a more desktop application feel. I’m sure you’re familiar with it, even though you don’t know it. If you’ve ever submitted to Ezine Articles, you’ve seen and used Javascript.

Now when you try to automate things like article submissions with websites running Javascript, it is a bear! In some cases, just about impossible.

Hence, why I started to look at programming languages like Visual Basic. But after talking with a fellow marketer who is a Visual Basic expert, he told me that even he has a ton of fun trying to work around Javascript!

I was very impressed when I saw that UBot can easily and I do mean easily deal with Javascript! I watched a tutorial where one fellow automated everything on a Squidoo insert, (can you say a ton of Javascript), literally in minutes.

So, what is this tool going to do for you and me? The web is a forever changing landscape so automation tools will only work for a short period of time. If something changes on the sites that a tool is automated to work with, it will no longer work.

If you picked it up a month back you may be stuck now. But if YOU wrote the script with UBot, you simply have to step through the program, see where things changed and bingo, you are back in business!

As to the programming in UBot, I’ll be honest, that it’s interesting for sure. But doesn’t look too hard. I’ll be sure to append another post to this one tell you more.

But from first looks, it actually looks pretty simple. For example, I thought, man it’s going to be tough to spin my articles. Again, I was delightfully surprised when I asked their support people about spinning my articles. Would that be possible. The answer? No issues, just use the built in spin command! Can you say too cool?

This tool really interests me simply because it’s so oriented to you and me, the Internet marketer.

Anyhow, if you’d like to check out UBot yourself, head on over there right now by clicking here: Check out UBot.

And if you do decide to pick up a copy for yourself, be sure to use the following coupon code and only pay $199: USING-WP

Oh, please leave me a comment to tell me what you think about UBot!

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