Good day all. I just want to make sure that I’ve given you a great idea on the newest piece of web automation software called UBot Studio.

I did a quick article when I first purchased UBot which you can read here. But I wanted to give you more meat to what I think about this web automation tool.

Initially I had concerns about the visual programming interface that I called a Teletubbie interface. Well, I must say that I’m impressed. There are some things I still don’t like about the programming interface, but many issues come down to the fact that this product will still need time to mature.

But is it usable? ABSOLUTELY! I wouldn’t hold off for that. As a matter of fact, after about a week of playing with this software, I’ve found I can do about 95% of everything I want right now.

This is an amazing feat, as I have purchased other automation software and found it to resolve, in most cases, just about as many problems as they create.

UBot Studio – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Let me just take a rundown on what I don’t yet like:

  1. I do find the program a bit buggy. The programmers have taken quite a bit of time worrying about making sure features are in place and error handling has kind of suffered from that. Saying that though, the program doesn’t crater every 10 minutes. It will simply give an error which you can click through and continue working.
  2. Some functions are hard to get a handle on. I’ve had to really rethink how things should be done. We will assume much when interacting with a web page, but when put to the task of programming it for automation, sometimes you have to think things out a little differently. This is more a personal problem and less a programming problem.
  3. There is yet no support for POP email retrieval. This isn’t necessarily a biggie. You can go to the webmail interface of your email package and pull the email there. This may be a better solution, but I’m just getting my feet wet with it right now.
  4. Training videos. Much of the manuscript and training videos is kind of all over the place. I think that there should be some time taken to clearly identify how-to’s for the program. This isn’t an unusual problem and you can, with time, find a solution to your problem in their forums or by watching videos from several sources.

Now, let me tell you what I like!

  1. As I mentioned in the first article, this software work very well with Javascript. I’ve not yet gotten stuck with it.
  2. Selection of elements on the page is quite intuitive. And you have choices. With a bit of hunt and peck on a web page, you can quickly ascertain what you have to look for in the code or text on a page to select a field, scrape text or click to a new page. 5 out of 5 stars for this!
  3. After you start to learn the UBot way of thinking, it really doesn’t take long to learn! After a couple of days, I was starting to create some pretty wired web automation tasks! I will give you a disclaimer that I am a junior PHP programmer. But it took me months to learn PHP programming and days to learn UBot programming! I’m sure that most can learn to use this program.
  4. Support has been second to none! If there is any one thing that I like about this software is that I’ve had a hot line to the support people to help me find solutions and answer my questions. In the first week, I’ve probably had about 15 hours of free hand holding! I’m very impressed! They are very quick to respond to my queries.
  5. I’ve been able to automate some web tasks that I found impossible before but critical for my business. I was on the verge of putting aside a couple thousand dollars to get this outsourced. No more! For $200, I can get the job done to my exact specification in days!

Would I recommend UBot Studio? I would give you an absolute yes! In time, I fully expect the price to go up as this program develops and becomes better and better.

Quick Recommendation

If you like cutting to the chase. Here it is. If you are willing to do a bit of learning. Are willing to forgo the bugs you may encounter. And need web automation, then you need to invest into UBot Studio!

UBot normally sells for $245, but using the coupon code USING-WP and clicking here, you can lock in your sale price at $199.

In the end it does come to you. This many not be for you, but I’m dead serious about my web business and if you are too, then forgoing this purchase could cost you way more.

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