It’s not often that you get a truly useful guide that doesn’t need bonus’ to make it worth what you’ve paid.

Stephen Crooks, Cash Cow Guide To Adsense Wealth is one such guide. It’s a no fluff guide that will help out newbie’s and experienced marketers alike with the task to making money with Google Adsense and WordPress.

Cash Cow Guide To Adsense Wealth Review

Click here to get your copy of Cash Cow Guide To Adsense Wealth.

Stephen breaks down the process of going from zero to hero in the Adsense game. To give you some idea, Google Adsense is the Google program of displaying ads that are created in Google AdWords. If someone clicks on a Google ad on your website, you’ll make a commission for the effort.

It’s really a very simple program that doesn’t require you to jump through hops or convince a possible customer to purchase a product. And, by the way, is dead simple to do with the right guidance.

Here’s where Stephen’s guide comes in. He takes you by the hand and shows you:

  • What you need to know from square one.
  • What freely available resources you’ll need to get the job done (wordpress is part of the picture!)
  • How to properly setup your pages in wordpress for maximum ad profits.
  • What niches to target for maximum gain. Adsense is not a level playing field. Some ads will pay pennies when clicked and others will pay dollars! I’d rather earn dollars per click then pennies!
  • Plus he adds in, by the way of bonus’ other elements you’ll need like the right wordpress template that you’ll need.

Stephen’s whole idea is to present you with all the tools and information you need and you just got to supply some time, sweat and imagination!

Here’s a screen capture of the Cash Cow Guide To Adsense Wealth table of contents:


You’ll see that Stephen covers all the bases. Nothing is left to chance! He even put himself on the line and created a site with the premise to have it make $100 per day after 90 days!

Well, he did fall a bit short of the mark, at only about $20-$25 per day, but considering how little time was required to create this money making wordpress blog and it will continue to make money ongoing, I’m still sold.

I’ve used Stephen’s Cash Cow Guide To Adsense Wealth guide to help out many of my adsense sites really start to pull in money from Google Adsense. His information is sound and easy to follow.

Click here to get your copy of Cash Cow Guide To Adsense Wealth.

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