I’ve been really thinking very hard on what I think that the ideal WordPress business opportunity is. Well, after a ton of research, I think that I’ve found it.

Dropshipping. Imagine this. You are searching for table lamps. You do a Google search on ‘table lamps’. In the top listings, you find a website that has extensive information about table lamps and to boot, they actually have quite the selection of table lamps available for sale!

Now, you can stroll on down to your friendly neighborhood lamp shop but why bother? Now, in many affiliate marketing situations, if a potential buyer clicks on the lamp advert on your site, they will be automatically redirected to a lamp supplier.

Now, maybe its just me, but don’t you find that a bit defeating? Think about it. You’ve already built a very small bridge of trust on your website and you’ve even got your potential buyer to take an action – click on a lamp that is being sold and maybe they’ve even put it into a shopping cart.

But instead, they are pushed to another site. Trust level may now be a possible zero. You may have just lost that potential sale! And not only that, you may have passed a possible email list member to your supplier.

Well, in my books, that’s too much to give away. If I’m going to create a site, I want it to be inclusive.

Here’s where I’m looking for your help. Imagine using WordPress to build a site that has products, that you don’t stock by the way, that you can sell and the dropshipper who is your supplier handles all the handling work.

To me, that’s an ideal method of making money with WordPress!

I’ve been searching for the right solution set to solve this dropshipping blueprint, but now I’m asking for your advice. Tell me what you know and if you are already doing this!

I’m going to be putting together a sample site to illustrate the point and will definitely update this post when I get to a working prototype. But in the meantime, I’d love to hear your comments!

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