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Back in July I had picked up an ebook that talked about making money with Adsense. I’m already doing not too bad with Adsense, using many different techniques from past lessons.

But this new ebook that I picked up has kind of ‘messed me up’ so to speak. It an ebook that doesn’t look much different on its sales page than the other 1,000 ebooks available, but when you read this ebook, it is different.

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The Adsense eBook that I’m talking about is called, ‘Xfactor’s Micro Niche Adsense Course’. It’s truly a unique course for a number of reasons. I believe the number one reason is because it’s from an Internet marketer who’s banged his head against the wall, (like we all do), and finally found a way to be very profitable with Adsense.

Now, Xfactor, whose first name is John, is the real meal deal. John has figured out many of the components through trial and error and was able to put together a fantastic course for the newbie and experienced marketer.

Let me tell you some of the things that make this course a gem:

  • John shows you a very effective white hat method of marketing yourself, creating many Google loving back links to your sites to boost your rankings to the front page. (Is so easy, I wish I thought of it a long time ago!)
  • His style of niche finding that is quite different than other things that I’ve read. To be honest, I didn’t get it in the beginning and I had to play with it for several weeks. Literally in the past couple of days, the light turned on. He has a method to find very profitable niche markets, even in highly competitive areas.
  • He shows a complete start to finish technique to build profitable Adsense sites. This includes everything you need, including a reasonable time table for building sites.
  • His methods actually work! Sounds stupid, but next to the Cash Cow To Adsense Wealth Course, this is one of the only other courses I’d recommend for learning Adsense. I’ve seen my Adsense account earnings literally triple in the past 6 weeks. This is no exaggeration!
  • John has had hundreds of satisfied customers and he still personally answers questions! This is one of about four marketers; out of hundreds I’ve known who personally handles support requests!

I’ll warn you that this is a $77 course on Adsense, but truly worth every penny. In the few short weeks I’ve begun to implement John’s technique, I’ve gotten my money back on it on increased Adsense earnings easily.

Now, I’ll also tell you that John doesn’t use WordPress within his course to build his sites, but I do! My results are astounding and well on par with John’s results!

Even if you are not an Adsense marketer, this eBook is loaded with Internet Marketing gems that I’ve also used to boost some of my other marketing efforts. Truly, in my opinion, if you are serious about making money online, you owe it to yourself to pick up your copy today!

As a bonus, if you do purchase John’s eBook through my affiliate link, I’ll personally be available to you as well, to answer all of your questions!

Click here to grab your copy of Xfactor’s New EBook!


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