This is a question on the tips of many a blogger, “How can I monetize my blog”? And I’ve done some pretty extensive research in this area and I’ve discovered an interesting fact. The number one tactic to make money with a wordpress blog is the same for every other business on the planet.

Traffic. You can say, well of course! But did you know many individuals spend more time trying to find the ‘right affiliate program’ or ‘highest paying products’ then trying to generate traffic. If you a liken it to a brick and mortar business, it would be like trying to make a better product.

This is all and good, but I’ll tell you, it’s better to have 100’s of interested traffic looking at your average product then to develop the perfect product and have nobody looking at it. If you concentrate your efforts to generate traffic to your blog, monetize blog will come as fruit for your labor!

How do you get more traffic. Again, referencing an off line business, you have to tell people about you and your interests. This could be done by the following ways:

  • Tell everyone you know about your business
  • Find ways to advertise yourself through other media, such as billboards, radio or newspaper.
  • Get in front of other groups of people who you don’t know and tell everyone about your business.

Well, let’s see how this relates to our ability to monetize our blog.

  • Tell everyone you know about your blog. Tell everyone on your facebook account about your exploits and what you are writing about.
  • Buy links, banner ads or the like through other online partners.
  • If your website or blog hosts a local audience, then consider offline marketing efforts.
  • Get in front of other groups of people who you don’t know and tell everyone about your business.

Monetize Blog – Other People

Did you notice I made exactly the same point at the end in both cases? Get in front of other people! This will generate the very most rewards for your marketing efforts. True, some of the other ideas are this one in disguise, but you will only be able to locally touch about 100-200 people who you know.

And you may be very lucky and see one sale for your efforts. But if you can get in front of 1,000,000 others, who you don’t know. Even at a 1% conversion to customers, you are still looking at 10,000 customers! Can you see what I’m getting at?

So if you want to make money with your blog, you need traffic. Social networks really are the ideal place to tell others. Don’t spam them. But do tell them. Tell the directory listings services. Ping your site after every post. Tweet them. (You may have come to this article because of a tweet!)

Just keep telling others and provide great information and your customers will naturally flow from your marketing efforts. Remember, just don’t be a pushy sales person. Be an informed expert in your field. Big difference!

Monetize blog is an article to help you make money with wordpress. Tell me your thoughts below!

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