Caribbean Beach I’ve been asked in many forums what the best source of income that I’ve had to date with Internet marketing.

And I know that your second question is, what does a picture of the beach got to do with the first question? Read on.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the very best method of generating revenue on the Internet is by selling your own information products.

This can be on any topic you choose too. I’d actually recommend that you vary your product offerings.

But if you want to make the game of online marketing your only game and have it provide all of your needed income, then you need to be ready to create several products.

I would recommend between 10-20 products. Now, you may have fainted but you’ll be surprised how easy it can be to do just that. With the right software and a little bit of time, you can create a fantastic product that will continue to sell well in the long term.

I would also say that giving yourself exactly one calendar month to get your first product done is a good deadline. It’s just enough time to cut your teeth on the first one, but not too long to drag it out into infinity.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, I Have A Product!

Next, you’ll want to advertise your new product offerings. There’s a couple of different things you can do at this stage.

First one I’m going to mention is probably the very best. Setup a WordPress blog and start to chat about this particular niche.

You’ll start this on day one, even before you start to create your product. Start to gather a following who are interested in the same things as you.

It will take time to get ranked and on the front pages of Google, so, start the process. Nothing is better then free traffic!

Next, search out the forums your particular niche is interested in. Sign up in the forum and start answering and asking questions.

Let the members get to know you. When you are ready to sell your new product, then add it to your signature line in those forums. Don’t advertise any other way!!!

Did I say that loud enough? Don’t try to start selling to forum members. One the minor side, it could alienate you from other users and on the major side, you could find yourself banded from the forum!

Patience Grasshopper – You Will Get Your Just Rewards

Finally, be patient. It will take time for the product to catch on. It will take time for others to trust you.

The nice thing is as you start to become a trusted member in your chosen forums and as your site starts to rank, you’ll find yourself making a constant stream of sales.

Now, you may only sell one per day or ten per day. But you will make sales.

As you add to your arsenal of online products, you’ll soon find more and more money entering your bank account.

Before you know it, you and I will be sharing a nice cool drink on the shores of some warm Caribbean beach!

Do you want to know more? Coming out on Apr 1st, 2010 will be a new course called ‘Online Riches – Turn Your Experience and Knowledge into Easy Online Cash’. And that’s no April’s fools!

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