Strategic internet marketing is the only way to make money on the Internet. But what is strategic Internet marketing you ask? Believe or not, it’s not much different from off-line marketing. Here are the steps to making way to much money online:

  1. Know your customer – You need to know your customers wants. This can be quite daunting but if you work hard at your keyword research, it won’t take long to see your customer wants peering back at you from the keywords you find. Here’s a hint – if it involves removing pain or frustration, you are onto something. Also, it’s important for you to know that customers buy out of want and justify the purchase with need! Pretty backwards, aye?
  2. Find the products or services to match the customer wants – This isn’t critical, believe it or not, but important. Many companies sell sub-standard products to customers and they continue to buy. These companies know the third step in this process.
  3. Show your customers how your products will fullfill their wants – This is your salescopy. You can do the first two step 100% and fumble this one and you’ve lost the game. It is crucial to get your salescopy right. Don’t worry, like many skills, you can learn this one too!
  4. Get your salescopy in front of your customer – Out of importance, this is the most important of all these points. Again, you can do steps 1 to 3 perfectly, but if no-one sees it, well, your work was done in vain. The worst salescopy, product and research can still yield a sales rate of 0.5% to 1% conversion.

I’m not going to lie to you, but strategic Internet marketing is going to take you some time to learn and be successful at. Like all worthwhile skills they will pay you richly in the end.

I’ve been working away at learning strategic Internet marketing now for about two years, full timeĀ and only in the past few months have things really started to take off. You will need to learn to stick to a plan and don’t try to bite off more than you can chew.

I see others asking me how to do quite complex marketing processes and they still haven’t learnt the basics necessary to succeed. This is truly a recipe for disaster. You will become disillusioned in no time and a potentially profitable future on the Internet for you will be over.

I don’t want to see that happen to you. Your first strategic Internet marketing step, if you are new at Internet marketing, is to learn the basics. How do you actually get a site on the Internet. Here’s where WordPress is a star.

WordPress may be a bit complex when you first start to learn it, but it is a very worthwhile venture to persue. My recommendation is to learn how to install and use WordPress first! If you are plugging away at this in your spare time, this one step could take you a month or so.

Don’t worry! With is time very well spent. In the end, you can use WordPress to install a site in under 5 minutes! In the near future, I’ll be releasing a video series on the latest version of wordpress, demonstrating the first steps to setup hosting and install WordPress. I’ll keep you posted when it’s done.

Strategic Internet marketing is the name of the game here. Learn the baby steps before you try to take the giant steps. Always remember that the sites that you build will make money for you forever after you’ve done all the heavy lifting!

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