I have a lot of my customers ask me one simple question: What’s the best way to succeed online?

I have a really simple answer. Build your own product.

What? What happened to Adsense or Ebay or Amazon? What about CPA offers?

All of these ideas are great, but you are only getting a small percentage of the profit pie. When you decide to build your own product and I mean information product, you get to keep not 5% but normally 95% of the profits!

Think about it for just one moment. If you were only making 5% on an Amazon sale with a total value of $100, then you are making about $5. So, you had to work hard enough to convince a propective customer to spend $100 so you can only make $5.

But what if you only had to work hard enough to convince a propective customer to spend only $5.25? Sounds a ton easier doesn’t it!

Well, it is. And here’s the kicker, you still make $5 – if it’s your information product! Because you are keeping 95% of the profits of $5.25.

You must be asking, “What product can I create?” The answer is simplier then you think. Sit down and consider what you are passionate about.

Create a list of items. Could be snowboarding. Could be cooking. Might even be about solar energy. You see, it really doesn’t matter.

If you are passionate about it, I can just about without any doubt believe that someone else or many someone else’s in this world are just as passionate.

So, let’s say you settle on a topic. What’s next? Years of contemplation and research?

No! Sit down again with a blank piece of paper and start jotting down sub ideas to the main topic. Soon you’ll fill two or three pages within ideas. Doesn’t matter how crazy they are. Just jot them down.

After you’ve completely emptied your mind of the ideas, start taking a look at the ideas and see what relates. Tie those ideas together as a proper list on another piece of paper. Soon, you’ll find that you have the outline for a great information product!

Now, it could be the simple matter of creating a word document that you can turn into a PDF or creating an hour video as a “how to”. It’s really that simple.

Let me offer you a personal story that was the aha moment for me. Last year I release the video series “There’s Gold In Them There Mountains” which is a keyword niche finding how to series. It’s a topic that I love and am passionate about.

It took about two days of effort to build this series and to be honest, probably wasn’t the most polished product, but the information that I presented was very good.

Since releasing that series, I’ve maybe put in another day of customer support to rectify technical issues with product delivery or customer questions, but again, because I was passionate about this topic, it was a joy to do.

To date, the product has sold more then $2,000 in sales. Not to shabby for 2 – 3 days work.

Since then, I’ve begun to dedicate more and more of my time and efforts on how to get better at creating great information products. Funny thing was that I have had a ton of other marketing gurus tell me what I’ve just told you, but it didn’t click until I tried.

So, what are you passionate about? What skills do you have that other’s may be interested in? Think about it. Learning how to succeed online just doesn’t have to be that hard!

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