I Hate The Warrior Forum!

If I could have $1 for every time I’ve hear that statement in one form or another, I’d be sipping cool drinks with umbrellas in them on a warm beach instead of putting up with another Alberta winter!

But why is this? What are the problems with the Warrior Forum? Well, I’ll leave that conversation up to the naysayers but I wanted to touch on a couple of the best attributes of this Internet marketers’ forum.

If you are interested in form of Internet marketing, you owe it to yourself to get very acquainted with this online forum.

Excellent Products

First and foremost, you’ll find many excellent products released as WSO or Warrior Special Offers on this forum. There are a lot of duds too but if you want to find diamonds you have to be willing to dig through a lot of dirt!

I personally purchase probably close to 20-30 WSO’s every month. I want to know what other’s are learning and doing to monetize their efforts and I’ve gotten some very excellent advice from many of these.

I am a firm believer that if you want to become an expert in a field, you have to be willing to invest whatever you have to become better in your field. I can tell you from experience, that my skill set as a marketer in general has gotten tenfold better because of these excellent WSO’s.

Excellent Discussions

There are also many subsections on the forum where you’ll find discussions on a wide range of topics. From technical programming details to ‘what’s up?’

In particular, I’d recommend that you consider becoming a member of the ‘War Room’ on the forum. Many products are pre-released within the War Room for free to those members.

Get involved in the discussions. Don’t be afraid to start a few of your own. Just don’t be surprised if no one answers! It does happen at times, but be persistent.

Strong Relationships

Finally and probably the best reason to make good use of this forum is to foster strong relationships with others who share your interests.

Let me offer you an example. I was curious about starting up an article directory service so I sought out others who had walked this path before me.

Before long, I found another member who had run an article directory for better then five years and told me a ton of information that they wish they had known in the beginning.

The information was truly invaluable! From there, I’ve developed a strong relationship with this other person as we share a like passion in article directories.

I’ve done the same on many occasions. These wonderful people not only help me out each and every day, they keep me honest too.

You see, it’s easy to say, I’ll get that done by Friday. Well, Friday comes and goes and someone will pipe up and say, ‘so, why aren’t you done yet?’ You did promise yourself to be done by now!

Soon you’ll find that you’ll be keeping your deadlines to ensure you succeed.

Not only that, when you have a down day, it’s wonderful to chat with one of these friends and have a good old fashion chat with them. Soon, you’ll be feeling better and re-energized to take on the battle once again to climb one step higher.

Are You Involved?

So, do you want to succeed? Don’t make it any harder. Get involved on this wonderful forum.

Purchase great information, share great information and foster fantastic relationships. As a matter of fact, I look to meeting you there!

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