Things change and here’s a change for you. I was reviewing in the recent past after posting about the redirect issues, my decision to use the redirection plugin. I’ve had issues with it in the past and after starting to change my permalink structure for better SEO, it was causing me issues again. (Promise to post about this soon.)

I was reviewing a wordpress site setup by one of my mentors in the affiliate marketing realm, and notice that she was using two plugins, Platinum SEO PackĀ and Broken Link Remover. Both of these plugins are created by the same group as I soon found out.

The nice thing about these two plugins, is they kinda work in tandum to provide excellent SEO options including SEO options directly on pages plus link auto-redirection! Very nice.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve been running both plugins and I’ve purposefully moved posts to see if it can track the changes and it works 100%. So, I’m going to change my plans and stop using redirection and All in one SEO for the dynamic duo of Platinum SEO Pack and Broken Link Remover.

You can check out these plugins here.


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