There are some really great plugins for backing up your wordpress installation, but I’m not interested in that for this article. What I’m interested in presenting is a way to backup your complete set of websites in one swoop.

Best thing is, if you follow the following directions, you will never have to worry about a hosting agent going strange on you and holding your websites captive. Don’t laugh, I’ve had it happen. One hosting agent, who will remain nameless, went offline for almost two weeks. My sites went with it.

Fortunately, I had backups of my sites and was able to send them to another hosting agent and within hours my sites were backup up. This is the type of backups you want to have!

Another good thing about having backups is if your sites are defaced, you can easily recover them from your last good backup. No muss, no fuss!

Let’s get started. First off, you will need to select a hosting agent that support the CPanel software interface system. Here are two recommendations if you are stuck. I’ve used both and they are both excellent, Hostgator and Scala Hosting.

I will be writing the remainder of this article, assuming that you are running with an agent that supports CPanel.

Once you’ve logged into your CPanel interface, there is a section named ‘Files’. Under here you will see an icon called, ‘Backups’.

CPanel Backup

Just a quick sidenote. You need to ensure you have enough disk space to store your backup locally on your web hosting agent. Normally, you will need as much space as you’ve already used. So, if you have a disk quota, you need to make sure you stay under 50% with normal use.

Once you select ‘Backups’, you’ll be presented with the following screen. It looks a bit daunting, but no worries. We’ll be selecting the easiest option, ‘Download or Generate a Full Web Site Backup’.

CPanel Full Backup

Nice thing about this type of back is that it backs up everything. This includes all your specialty settings, email, email accounts, subdomains. Everything that is part of your CPanel interface. With this backup in hand, you can transfer it to a new or your current provider for a fast restoration.

Once you select this option, you’ll be provided with more options.

CPanel Backup Options

Here you’ll select ‘Home Directory’ for Backup Destination and insert your email address. The system should notify you once you’re backup is completed.

Finally, click on the button ‘Generate Backup’.

You should be presented with a message, stating much to the effect of what I just said.


Ok, now you just have to wait it out. The backup could take several minutes to several hours to complete. Once completed, you should receive an email.

Once the backup is completed, it a simple matter of connecting to your web hosting agent with your favorite ftp program and download the backup to your personal desktop. Make sure, once you have a successful download, delete the backup that is sitting on your hosting agent.

And that’s how you perform a backup that’s not only backup wordpress, but your enter websites that is 100% transferrable from your CPanel web hosting agent. Remember this only works with hosting agent that support CPanel. Here again are my two recommendations: Hostgator and Scala Hosting. Cheers!

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