This is a question that just about every Internet Marketer asks at one time or another. Is it really possible to get ranked?

I remember the days when I was creating my first sites and was thrilled by the fact that Google actually indexed my pages after a week or so. Then I’d be patiently waiting, checking every 2 hours, to see if I was now being ranked, just like a child peeking under the Christmas tree.

Soon, I found myself ranked somewhere. But most times, I didn’t. So, I did a bit of reading and discovered that on-page SEO was the answer.

So, I patiently learnt everything that I could about on-page SEO and worked very diligently to fix errors and omissions.

And I noticed some change. But not enough. Selling from page fifty of Google just doesn’t cut it.

Soon I also found out that keyword research was very important. Excellent! I did know that I had to do good keyword research, but I made it my goal to find really money keywords!

Once again, this helped. In some cases, it got me to page one on some search terms. But I just couldn’t see consistency. For one domain, I’d dominate page one of Google and for the next, I’d be little more then indexed.

I did more learning and soon discovered that getting backlinks was important. So, I started to manually backlink some. But it was tedious work and well, to be honest, didn’t seem to be making much of an impact.

Next, I started to purchased automated tools like directory, rss and article submitter tools.

Once again, pretty hit and miss. I’d do a backlinking bliz with these tools. Then I’d wait.

Again, some of it helped but still not perfect. I would find that I soon abandon those tools as they just didn’t seem worth the effort.

I started to believe that getting ranked might just not be possible! Sometimes you got lucky and sometimes not.

I would read stories of other individuals who were doing very well with their efforts to get ranked and I would corner them, (when I could). I’d plainly ask them, so is it true or are you just selling e-books or courses?

Once cornered, some didn’t have anything in terms of proof but there were a choice few that proved themselves. I would actually go out looking for these highly ranked keywords that were also moderately to highly competitive. I had one fellow throw something like “fishing boats in the south of France”. I’ve come to learn that I could rank for #1 for a very long tailed keyword like that in about 10 minutes or less. So, these didn’t count.

But that did prove that it was possible!

I’m also the kind of guy too who will read 20 ebooks and watch 10 videos on the same topic. Call me kind of slow, but I need to see confluence between different teachings to dig out the real nuggets of info.

What have I found?

Backlinking is extremely important. Probably more important than any other activity in regards to getting ranked.

But there are a few rules to the game:

  1. You need to make sure you make good use of the hyperlink text within the backlink.
  2. Go after one keyword per page. (I’m still working on this one, but it seems to be relevant.
  3. Seek diversity in your linking strategy. Don’t just post to ezine articles or just to one type of website. Seek links from multiple types of websites and sources.
  4. Look for websites that are high PR. I will gladly take backlinks from sites that are PR1 to PR9. I’m also experimenting with backlinking to sites that are no PR, but very mixed results.
  5. Seek backlinks that have staying power. If I think that my links is spammy, thus can be taken down by a website owner, I don’t bother. This leads me to point 6.
  6. Make sure that the backlink you ask for is paid for! Now, I’m not talking $$$, I’m talking value. Spammy comments or spammy forum posts are just that spammy. If you use forums to your advantage, by offering good comments and value, your link signature will do very well in profits indeed!

One more final point. You’ll find that as your primary pages start to get ranked, your secondary and newer pages will start to get a boost too. But this will require you to continuously update by adding new and interesting material to your sites.

With all of these things in mind, yes, you can get ranked and ranked very well! Now, I know that you’ve read this whole article if you’ve gotten to here, so go one more step and leave me your comments about getting ranked. Do you agree, or disagree? Do you have something to add. Fire away!

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