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WordPress To The Rescue

If you get really stuck, use some of the features of WordPress. One thing that occurs as you write articles with WordPress is that they will slowly but surely get buried as they get older and older.

Take a moment to reflex upon your comments once per month and one per year and write a post that links to and takes about the posts that you made in the previous month(s).

Not only will it make your life a bit easier and offer you direction for the future, but your readers will love it too, I’m sure.

With that said, make sure you understand how to use your website engine to search for and revitalize your posts. I went to search for something today and discovered that I’ve never put a search box on this site. Well, it took me 10 seconds to correct that problem!

Finally, when it comes to using WordPress, learn the shortcut keys when creating posts. It really does save time.

Don’t Eat The Whole Elephant

One point made by a reader was the idea of trying to write¬† 365 articles back to back for a web site. In one word, DON’T!

Never try to write all the articles that you need for your web site in a three day gruelling marathon. Two things happen.

First, you’ll hate the site by the end of day three. Second, your information can easily become dated. You don’t want to write articles that may be very relevant today and in nine months, are totally irrelevant.

My recommendation is to sit and write two or three articles at a time. For instance, this article is article two of a three article batch that I’m writing for this site. Using WordPress, I can write the articles and then schedule them to occur over the next week or so.

This is the way to write articles! You’ll find that you will spend normally no more then 30-45 minutes and you have all the content that you need for your site done till next week. Even if you run up to 10 blogs, it gets pretty easy to get the content done. Just choose one or two blogs per day to write on and get it done!

Getting Help

Next, never think that you are an island on your own. Some of the best articles I’ve gotten for sites is from other readers and contract writers.

I run several sites that require fresh content on a regular basis. I don’t think twice. I’ll already hired several great writers that are passionate about the sites that they write upon and deliver fresh and tantalizing content to the readers of those sites.

Second, you may find someone who comes to your site and leave some very interesting and enlightening comments. Why not ask them to write for you on an ongoing basis? How you arrange the deal with this person is your business, but there are plenty of people who will gladly offer up information to be a highlighted writer on your site!

Don’t think it possible? Ask Ezine Articles who writes their content and how much do they pay their writers? (Here’s the quick answer, several 1,000’s and they pay them $0!)

So, I hope that helps you to write the articles you need to write for your site. Coming up is a great article on a tool that I use to build articles in lightening speed, say tuned! And please, leave your comments! I really do enjoy reading them and responding back.

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