Just recently I had written an article on getting your unique visits up to higher and higher numbers.

To summarize, the number one on site technique was to create more and more original content posts. I had one read make mention that it can be tough to write up to 365 articles in one sitting.

Very good point and I want to offer up some great ideas how to get those articles done so it’s fun and not a chore!

Listen To Your Readers

Probably the number one point is to listen to your readers. Certainly this will take time, and some article written, but I too get stuck when writing and sometimes the best inspiration comes from your readers.

After I had read that comment (thanks Mike!), I had realized that I had assumed way too much when writing that particular article. And I had at least two more articles to get out to fill in the details.

Make Sure You are Interested

Next and probably more important, make sure that you are interested in the content that you are writing. It’s tough to write on a topic that does not interest you.

On the other hand, you can normally have way too much to say on a topic that interests you. Some of my most successful sites consist of information that is very much of interest to me.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mention of Other Sites

If you are interested in the topic that you write upon, you too will be looking for more information all the time too.

If you come across someone¬†else’s post that you found particularly great, don’t be afraid to write a summarization of your thoughts on the post and link to the post you liked.

Three¬†things then happen. First, you have gotten your post done. Second, you’ve given recognition to another with the same interests. Finally, you will create a pingback to the article that could give you a valuable backlink!

If you are linking to someone else’s work and made comment on it, they will be very grateful and will more then likely give you a pingback for it! These are the comments we all like the very most.

Find Automation Tools

A great tool to use to collect information on your topic of interest is called Google alerts. I’d recommend that you take a bit of time and discover the dynamics of this great tool to locate information on the topics that are of interest to you.

In a nutshell, Google is the 800lb gorilla of the world wide web and whenever it sees new information that fits an alert you’ve created, it will send you that alarm to tell you of it.

So, instead of having to search all the time for timely info, it comes to you!

Next, if you will be writing a lot of posts, you should consider some voice dictation software. This will permit you to write as fast as you think! (More coming up on this topic soon!)

Stay tuned for part two of ‘How To Get Those Articles Done!’.

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