The hot topic for anybody who is doing anything with the Internet is search engine Web marketing or a SEO marketing for short. One is looking at the competition numbers for the term search engine optimization, a return over 30 million websites.

Also I was look at the cost per click when advertising with Google on keyword terms, and SEO and SEO related terms can be quite expensive. But this fact doesn’t surprise me at all. Considering the fact that the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN are providing free traffic to your door, as long as you can rank well with them.

Needless to say search engine Web marketing has turned into an industry on its own. Fortunately for you and I., there is a lot of things we can do in terms of SEO for free or pretty close to free. I’m hoping we can examine some of these methods together. Some I’ve proven and sometime I’m not sure about I’ve heard of.

Believe it or not, choosing WordPress as your website platform is a very good move to get yourself rank quickly and easily. The major search engines have come to recognize blogs as information sources. But the open-source nature of WordPress and the strong developer community, the major search engines have come to recognize WordPress as a major proponent for good Seo practices.

There are several other things we can do with our WordPress blog to improve our rankings with search engines. Another very quick win is to use the plug-in called all-in-one SEO. This plug-in helps fill in the blanks on your alt tags within your webpages. If you don’t know what this means, the worry too much about it, other than just loading a plug-in.

I intend to analyze many other great search engine Web marketing techniques, so please stay tuned for future posts.

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